Marketing Manager

The marketers best friend

As a marketing manager you don't want to spend your time looking for the best price for every single printed matter. Then it's good to know that we do it for you. You want to focus on your message and create a printed matter that best brings it to the market. We can help you find the right paper, format and page count, to create a nice looking printed matter that is also cost efficient. We call it InhouseFaktor™.

Example: A client had removed products from their catalogue to make it thinner. Their agency suggested the paper Arctic Volome, which has the specific attribute that it has high bulk (it is thick compared to it's weight). We produced a dummy in Arctic Volume paper and an alternative dummy in Arctic Matte paper, which has the wame whiteness, same surface and opacity (a measure of how much you can see through the paper), but with normal bulk. Apart from making the catalogue thinner with Arctic Matte, like the client wanted, the cost was reduced by some 20.000 EUR – the best of two worlds?


Is it all about savings? No.

This is our order of priorities:

1. Delivery on time. If you are producing a Christmas campaign, neither price nor quality makes any matter if it's not delivered until January.

2. Sufficient quality for the client. Right quality is always important. Most of our clients have high quality requirements, but the requirements may vary between a folder for a release of a new car and an internal order form..

3. Best price. All of our suppliers meet the requirements in Sections 1 and 2, so the best price is often decisive for the selection of a supplier.


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