Sourcing manager

The sourcing manager's best friend

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As a sourcing manager you probably enjoy having few, but reliable supplliers. With us as your partners your company could reach in principle all printing houses in Europe, but still only have a single supplier in your systems.

Thanks to our database – Filter™ – we can report back to you so you get on top of your company's print spend. Fact is, we could evern give you your own log in so you can see all your company's print projects in real time. You could check the marketers print spend without even bothering them!

You can also be certain that you have the best price for every single printed matter, as we are not limited to our own printing equipment, that are most efficient only in a certain format.

We offer, free of charge, an analysis of your printing spend – PrintAudit™ – where we come back to you with an analysis of how competitive your print prices are compared to our best suppliers. Maybe you have the right supplier today and we can't bring you any savings, but if so at least we could bring you sweet dreams as you don't need to lie awake, thinkin about if you have the right supplier!

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