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Direct Mailings

Olika typer av butiksmaterial


Broschyrer och kataloger


Boxar och förpackningar i olika storlekar och material


Böcker i olika format, omfång och typ av bindning




Kassar i olika format och material


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This is how we work with print management

The right printing house for the right printed matter™

What distinguishes us from a printing house is that we do not have any printing presses. Instead, we have a wide contact network of printing houses. We never need to “fill the presses”. We can make sure that you will get the right printing house for your printed matter. Every time.

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Fridholm & Partners has very good knowledge of which printing houses are suitable for which printing jobs

Henrik Ström


Fridholm & Partners is your partner when it comes to printed matters. We function as your sounding board in all issues regarding printed matters – in the same way as a “faktor”, but in-house with you. This is included at no extra cost for our customers!

* a person who calculate for printing jobs and has a significant knowledge of printing techniques.

”To find a solution the client hadn’t thought about is a stimulating challenge.”

Mats Envall

Safeguarding quality of print

We check the quality in the printing process by making preflights and using artwork orders, where we instruct the clients’ advertising agency how to properly create the artwork for every production.

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Fridholm & Partners has not only helped us lower our costs, but also increased quality by preflighting artwork from our advertising agency.

Andrea Olsén


Read more about how we calculate and compensate CO2-offset from print production at our special site for CO2-SMART™!

Fridholm & Partners has an ambition that all print we supply will be CO2-neutral latest 2024, but why wait?

Fabian Fridholm


Fridholm & Partners has developed the PrintAudit™ concept, where we analyse the customer’s printed matters. Let us tell you more!

”Already after a week, we had received a suggestion on cost savings on the current formats, but also suggestions on how to adjust the production to achieve even more savings”

Helena Bergström

Print Sourcing

It is reasonable to ask yourself why Fridholm & Partners can get better prices than the customers can themselves – especially for large companies with a professional sourcing department. Let us tell you more!

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”We have been able to consolidate all sourcing of printed matters from some 30 suppliers to one and the same for all Nordic countries. Fridholm & Partners have lowered our costs, increased the quality and shortened delivery times”

Malin Nilsson
Some of our partners on the client side

Fridholm & Partners is a Nordic print management company. We take some work load off our clients, make sure they get the best quality and help with ideas regarding paper and format – at no extra cost.