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The perfect partner

Happy that you are interested in us! We see both clients and suppliers as partners, and we try to be the perfect client to our suppliers.

Working with Fridholm & Partners brings several advantages:

One client bringing volume from several partners

We act as 1 client – always the same – no matter which client we represent.

Skilled team members

We are graphically educated purchaser, specialized in sourcing print. We have CMYK eyes and we speak fluently ”graphic language”.

Only relevant offer requests

The idea of Print Management is to start with what is to be produced and find suitable suppliers based on that. We won’t bother you about things you can’t produce in-house (we don’t accept subcontracting without prior approval). That means you should get a higher conversion rate from offer to order with us, even if competition is tough.

Clear offer requests and orders

Our offer requests contain all relevant information in the form of a PDF. The order is very similar, but will go into more detail regarding delivery and invoicing. Our projekt numbers will follow the projektet from start until the end – offer request, order, artwork files and invoice.

Preflighted artwork

We preflight the artwork before we send it to the printer. Often we will have a version 2 or 3 that will be the first one that the supplier gets. By then we have already caught and fixed some errors, so it should mean a smoother production when the printing house receives the artwork. The files will be named with our project number, as stated in the order, 

We always pay on time

We are AAA-rated and take pride in always paying in time.

Are you interested?

We currently have around 1400 suppliers in our database, of which we a typical year use as many as 100 due to the width of our productions.

If you think that you have a strong niche which cut’s out from the rest, feel free to contact us and we are happy to send you our RFI (Request for Information).

Fridholm & Partners is a Nordic print management company. We take some work load off our clients, make sure they get the best quality and help with ideas regarding paper and format – at no extra cost.